The Local Lion

Espresso Bar & Homemade Doughnuts

Print & Web

The Local Lion required multiple logos and two websites for their businesses,
The Local Lion and Mountain Lion Coffee Roasters

The Logos

The logos needed to be in multiple formats – a 3 color street sign, full color for print, and black & white for block printing cups and bags.

The Website

The Local Lion needed a website to showcase an extensive doughnut and drink menu and a blog to share upcoming events with their many regulars.

The Local Lion Story

Matt Rath, a Local Lion regular, and self described Producer – Shooter – Editor – Brainstormer – Get it Doner, created this short story for The Local Lion. Many thanks to the crew – Ryan Smith, Paul Sherar, Joey Lege, Doug Kaufman. Music licensed by – + Tobi Vogel Wooden mural by Ben Wesemann

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